Gemstone Jewelry by Carole Novak

Designed and made in the U.S.A..

What I Do

Gemstone Bead Jewelry
Using Gemstone Beads
and Sterling Silver and
Gold Filled Components

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About the Designer,
Carole Novak,
and her Work

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Carole Novak

Since my teen years, I have studied and worked in various design fields. In later years, I designed landscapes and gardens for almost twenty years in the Harford County, Maryland area.

For ten years after that, I worked for a non-profit organization designing newsletters, websites, and advertising pieces.

From 2006, I have been designing gemstone bead jewelry. I'm always looking for new gemstone beads and new and interesting methods of designing jewelry with them.

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the Gemstones Used

Ten years ago I had a chance to take a local jewelry-making course and I was mesmerized by the beautiful natural gemstone beads that were used in the design. Since I was no longer able to work as a landscape designer, jewelry design seemed like a very good alternative for me. Because of my love for natural gemstones, working with them has been the basis of my design work ever since. Glass beads and other materials are often used when I think my design will benefit from their use.

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the Metal Parts

Sterling silver is my metal of choice. Its glowing sheen is a great foil for so many colors. It’s difficult to think of a color that doesn’t benefit from a little brightness from sterling silver. Much of the silver I purchase (especially chains) already has an anti-tarnish finish.

I also have lines with both gold-filled and rose-gold-filled metals. Overall, the jewelry using these two metal types are daintier because the metals are much more expensive. If you’ve never purchased my gold-filled jewelry, give it a try, I’m sure you will be very pleased you did.

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the Designs

~ Single strand necklaces with varying bead sizes, shapes, and colors are the basis of my collection.

~ Single strand necklaces using tiny beads (4mm or 3/16 inch, or smaller) are designed to be used alone or with several other necklaces as part of a collection.

~ Frontal or statement necklaces that have larger beads in the front and chain or tiny beads around the sides and back are great to use with an open neck blouse or displayed against your skin.

~ Multi-strand necklaces are more expensive and very dramatic.

~ Necklaces with beads that “dangle” can be combined with other styles for added emphasis.

~ Y-Necklaces with beads forming a long "pendant" in the middle are fun to wear.


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