Gemstone Jewelry by Carole Novak

Designed and made in the U.S.A.

Newest Designs

00448N.jpg Labradorite Tassel Nklc

Tassel necklace - Labradorite gemstones with green glass beads and rollo link SS chain. Nklc - 24in. Tassel - 5in. (0448N) - $135.00

1738N.jpg Seraphinite  Nklc

Single strand necklace - Seraphinite, SS, Freshwater Pearl with SS rollo chain. - 19in. - (1738N) - $89.00

0469N.jpg Green Aventurine Nklc

Tincup necklace with Green Aventurine gemstones with the oval stones showing glittery inclusions. SS cable chain with 3in extender. - 27/30in. - (0469N) - $59.00

0564N.jpg Two Strand Amazonite Nklc

Two strand Amazonite gemstone necklace with SS beads with fancy oval SS chain and cable extender. - 18/21in. (0564N) - $74.00

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Popular Designs

00446N.jpg Seraphinite Pendant Nklc

Seraphinite pendant necklace with SS rollo link chain. - 18in. (0446N) - $59.00

0307N-E.jpg Malachite  Nklc

Malachite necklace with SS links and fancy toggle clasp to be worn on either side. It's 23.5in long. Earrings are included. - 23in. - (0307N-E) - $131.00

1276N.jpg Agate and Jasper Nklc

Frontal necklace with gray Agate and Picasso Jasper gemstones, Swarovski crystals, and Black Agate pendant. Has SS curb chain. - Length 17.5in. - (1276N) - $69.00

0557N.jpg Peridot Nklc

Single strand necklace with Peridot gemstone beads. Has 3in SS extender. - 18/21in. - (0557N) - $59.00

1850N.jpg FW Pearl and Gold Crystal Nklc

This necklace boasts larger 8mm white Freshwater pearls and tiny golden crystals. It's finished with sterling silver beads, clasp, and chain. - 17/20in. - 1850N - $48.00

0702N.jpg Glass crystal Nklc

Frontal necklace with dark blue crystals and SS beads and rollo chain with 3in SS extender. - 17/20in. - Includes SS earrings. - (0702N) - $93.00

0694N.jpg Blue Druzy  Nklc

Frontal necklace blue Druzy Agate 12mm beads (.472 inch). 23in long using fancy SS chain. - (0694N) - $104.00

0565N.jpg Rhodonite  Nklc

Frontal necklace with Rhodonite and SS beads with SS rollo chain. SS extender cable chain. - 18/21in. - (0565N) - $49.00

1849N.jpg FW Pearl & Violet crystals Nklc

8mm pearls are paired with tiny, Violet crystals and with sterling silver beads, clasp, and chain. - 17/20in. 1849N - $48.00

0700N.jpg Rose Quartz & Canadian Jade Nklc

Single strand necklace with Rose Quartz and Canadian Jade beads with SS chain. - 19.25in. - (0700N) - $59.00

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0669N.jpg Lapis & Peridot Nklc

Long Y necklace with Lapis and Peridot gemstones with a Lapis pendant and with SS rollo chain. - N=26in. Y=6in - +3in SS extender. - (0669N) - $119.00

0538N.jpg Amethyst Nklc

Frontal necklace with Amethyst gemstone "fan" and beads and tiny crystals. - 18/21in. - (0538N) - $49.00

0663N.jpg Red Coral & MOP Nklc

Single strand necklace with Red Coral and Mother of Pearl (MOP) beads and stainless steel chain with 2in extender. - 20/23in - (0663N) - $49.00

Tips on Wearing

The small bead single strand necklaces are great to add to your multiple necklace looks. Mix them with longer necklaces or with contrasting or complementary color gemstone necklaces. See ยป

0557N 0564N 0565N